What Makes a Zenith?


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The title of this poem is an allusion to the idea of perfect balance, which describes the author’s own existence. In it, the author compares himself to this concept, analyzing how he reaches a point of perfection at which he cannot change anymore and is absorbed into the shadow world. Though it may sound decadent and about death, it is more of a personal search for meaning. The poem can be read in any order, but is most effective when read aloud, as it is accompanied by a powerful image of the author searching for himself.


For almost 100 years, the name “Zenith” has been synonymous with innovation and quality. From wireless TV remote controls to push button radios, from stereo audio systems to terrestrial broadcasts using digital technology, Zenith inventors have made some of the most significant technological advancements in the history of the electronics industry. As a result, a Zenith is sure to bring out the best in a lover. Read on to learn more about this unusual name and discover the unique qualities that make it a unique choice for your special someone.

The word ‘zenith’ was first used by astronomers in the late 14th century. Its origins are obscure, but the term is believed to date back to the Arabic language. Astronomers used the Arabic term’samt ar-ras,’ which means “way over the head.” The word ‘zenith’ came to be known as ‘road’ in Latin because Medieval Latin scribes misinterpreted the letter’m’ as sound.

The name ‘Zenith’ derives from the celestial body’s utmost height. Similarly, Zenith watches represent the grandest heights of horology. Designed with precision in mind, Zenith watches have multiple counters for maximum accuracy. They also have an elegant look and feel. These luxury watches feature earthy hues and a clear display. The Zenith watch is a stylish addition to your wardrobe.

The Zenith’s attack speed varies depending on the size of the target. When used properly, Zenith generates an arc trail, which is clearly visible even in complete darkness. If used correctly, it can defeat Moon Lord on Master Mode in eleven seconds. Moreover, it’s one of the most versatile weapons in the game, so the Zenith is often considered to be the final weapon to be unlocked.


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