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We’ve rated with our algorithm based on eleven factors: customer satisfaction, price competitiveness, features, and brand popularity. Read on to see which factors weighed in the overall score. How does Buya stack up against eBay, Amazon, and RedBubble, and how do its features measure up against those of the top 50 similar categories? We’ll look at the details of Buya’s customer service and reliability, and we’ll compare its overall score to those of its competitors.

BUYA Marketplace is a scam

Is BUYA Marketplace a scam? A recent episode of CBC Marketplace shows consumers falling victim to cheap electronics in the Marketplace. Older people who aren’t very tech-savvy were duped into buying low-cost items they were not sure about. The episode also shows employees from Best Buy warning customers away from the marketplace and instructing them to hide their threads and complain in private. The best way to avoid getting ripped off is to stay away from Marketplace and other scam sites like it. is a retailer is a retailer with a large online marketplace. They offer complete inventories of retailers in real-time. Unlike other online retail sites, you can browse through their inventory anywhere in the U.S., including the most popular products. In addition, Buya enables you to compare prices between various retailers to find the best deal. This is an excellent option for people who are on a budget or don’t have time to shop at each store individually.


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