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The Simon Parkes website is a good place to get information if you are conscious about various topics. It is the first website of its kind in Sweden and ranks very high for the most recent post. The owner of this website is very precise and shares useful information from different parts of the world. There are many other websites, but the ones listed here are the best. In addition, they are updated frequently. You can count on Simon Parkes if you want to keep up with the latest issues.

Becky Parkes

The founder of Simon and Becky Parkes is a British ex-politician with an unusual spiritual awareness. Parkes was born into a family with a high degree of secrecy, and his mother and grandfather were both involved in British intelligence and the British secret service MI5. His grandfather later became a British diplomat in the United Nations and worked with the CIA. Simon Parkes went public with his story in 2010.

The Connecting Consciousness logo is a registered trademark of Simon Parkes. Use of this logo requires written permission. Please do not alter the logo in any way, including digitally or in print. Only use the logo with consent from Becky and Simon Parkes. Don’t copy the logo unless it’s clearly recognizable as Simon Parkes. While attribution of the author’s work is appreciated, it should not be used in any other manner than as a link to the website.

Simon Parkes

You have probably heard of the Simon Parkes org. It’s an organization run by the former British Labor Party city councilman who claims to be the adopted child of a nine-foot green space alien. Parkes also claims to have fathered an alien baby, Zarka. He also runs a New Age website called Connecting Consciousness and a YouTube channel. Before the riots on Jan. 6, his YouTube channel had just 10,000 subscribers. In just a few days, that number has jumped to over 600,000 subscribers.

It’s interesting to note that Simon’s biological mother worked for the British Security Service, known as MI5, and then later the National Security Agency. According to Simon’s family, she was part of the organization, and she even typed out documents about crashed ufo craft. Eventually, American special forces were able to retrieve the crashed craft. However, Simon’s mother’s role in the organization is questionable.

White tv talks

The recent events in Britain seem to point to an impact from the White hats. This is part test, part warning to the cabal. The UK TV stations didn’t transmit as usual and there were a variety of technical problems. In the end, the white hats had a few things to do with the problems, and a lot of people were left wondering what was going on.

White tv interviews

A former MI6/CIA agent and 33rd degree Freemason, Simon Parkes has a long and fascinating history of contact with aliens, spiritual countries, and other world events. His extensive background as an alien contactee has resulted in many published articles, interviews, and television shows. Among his many achievements, Parkes has helped countless people become aware of the existence of a higher consciousness.

In the mid-90s, Parkes sold Brixton Academy. He was nearing 40 years old and tired of putting in eighty-hour weeks. Parkes had been stabbed, tear-gassed, and held at gunpoint while running the Academy. Then, he was a subject of death threats from the fascist group Combat 18. He was forced to check in with the police every night and wore an alarm around his neck.


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