Multilateralism and Culture in Colombia


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Colombia is an incredible place to visit. It is one of the world’s most diverse countries, and its culture, music, and people are second to none. In this article, we’ll explore Colombia’s multilateralism, music, and culture. And we’ll get a taste of the people, too! Interested in traveling to Colombia? Read on to learn about the culture and the people of Colombia! Here’s what to do in Colombia!

Colombia’s multilateralism

While Colombia was slated to receive $2.6 billion in loans from multilateral institutions in 2015, this loan will push the deficit for the entire year higher. The country faces a bigger deficit than expected this year, and in 2016 as well, as oil prices continue to fall, reducing revenue from the oil industry, which provides close to a fourth of government revenue. The loan announcement also comes a week before Colombia presents its mid-year financing plan, which may include revised target estimates.

The new constitution will focus on the progress of science, sustainable development, and quality education. It will continue to pursue a strategy of negotiating commercial agreements, protecting investments, and avoiding double taxation. It will also seek to make audacious contributions in the areas of education, environmental protection, and combating illicit trafficking of small arms. Likewise, Colombia’s commitment to human rights will be a democratic, ethical, and human conviction rather than an external imposition.

To move toward the goal of democratic prosperity and development, Colombia will strengthen its multilateralism. In addition, it will continue its participation in the Mesoamerica Project, UNASUR, and Pacific ARCH. Through these institutions, Colombia will seek to strengthen its partnership with partners in the region and develop new strategic alliances. With its increased presence in the region, Colombia can now be a leader in international cooperation and aid for developing countries like Haiti.

Colombia has long been an active member of the Organization of American States. Former President Cesar Gaviria was elected Secretary General of the OAS in 1994, and reelected in 1999. It also participated in the December 1994 and April 1998 Summits of the Americas, and hosted two post-summit ministerial meetings. The United States continues to be Colombia’s closest ally in the region. In addition, the new government will continue to pursue multilateralism and regional diplomacy.


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