How to Implement the SigmaCare Billing Solution


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The SigmaCare Billing solution helps you capture charges and generate reports. It automatically charges hospital and LOA expenses, and supports manual or automated entry of ancillary charges. This solution also powers reconciliation and generates analytics and reports from data. It makes it easier to manage patient records and keep track of patient costs. If you’re unsure of how to implement the SigmaCare Billing solution, here’s how. Read on to learn more about its features and benefits.


When considering a new healthcare IT solution, consider a clinical solution from Sigmacare. Sigmacare’s suite of solutions is built to improve operational efficiency by facilitating billing, expediting payments through clearinghouses, and streamlining back office operations. It also offers an Executive Dashboard to help facility leaders manage cash flow and improve reimbursement and risk management. In addition, it offers robust patient satisfaction surveys and claims-based data that can be used to make informed business decisions.

In addition to offering an electronic health record (EHR) solution, SigmaCare’s EHR solutions help long-term care facilities capture patient information. These solutions make it easier for physicians to automate workflows and add notes to patient profiles, thereby reducing medication errors and improving patient care. Using SigmaCare also enables healthcare facilities to share patient files with other facilities. The system’s content management, data synchronization, and document management tools are just a few of its features.


The financial benefits of SigmaCare’s EMR software can improve clinical and administrative processes. The company’s solutions can streamline back office processes, improve cash flow, and improve reimbursement. The company also provides an Executive Dashboard. Financial benefits of SigmaCare solutions are also beneficial to patients and the facility itself. This article discusses the benefits of these solutions. You can also find out if you’re eligible to use them. Financial benefits of Sigmacare products are plentiful.

The cost of data migration depends on the amount of data to be transferred. This cost varies depending on the complexity of the data, existing software, and availability of migration tools. If data is stored in Excel spreadsheets, it can be a costly proposition. It may take a significant amount of time and money to migrate this data. The same goes for data relating to medical records and other business services. In addition, sigmacare’s EHR solutions are highly compatible with other health information systems.

Referral Source Management

With SigmaCare Referral Source Management, you can quickly identify the most valuable referral sources in your market. This solution can help you prioritize your list and direct marketing efforts toward the highest-potential sources. You can also assign referral targets to existing sources and add new ones. You can customize the system to generate custom data to optimize your census. SigmaCare RSM includes management, marketing, and enterprise dashboards, allowing you to access real-time information that helps you better manage your workflow.

The RSM solution from SigmaCare helps you optimize referrals with mobile connectivity, secure web-based access, and centralized reporting. It also allows you to manage your contacts and referrals without internet connection, and synchronizes with your RSM solution once you have a connection. Mobile connectivity allows you to identify new referral opportunities on the go, and it can help you streamline your meetings with referral sources. With the right RSM solution, you can improve your patient outcomes, boost revenue, and streamline your business operations.

With its streamlined EHR platform, SigmaCare is a leading electronic health record technology partner. Recently, it acquired HomecareCRM, a referral source management solution. With HomecareCRM, SigmaCare is now able to offer a comprehensive marketing solution for the home care industry. The solution enables you to analyze competitive market data, find high-value referral sources, streamline marketing efforts, and maximize census. Furthermore, with its robust referral source management features, the SigmaCare EHR platform helps you better manage patient transitions, assess patient status, and track outcomes.

Medication Cost Savings

The Medication Cost Savings solution from SigmaCare Financial Solutions offers an array of options for healthcare facilities to control drug costs. These include therapeutic interchange, default facility formulary compliance for Part A and Part D, and a Gatekeeper function that allows facilities to approve more expensive drugs instead. All of these features help facilities save on the costs of prescribed and non-prescribed drugs. However, these programs do come with some limitations. Here’s how they work.

Using Surescripts to track patient medication data helps improve medication adherence and reduce adverse events. Surescripts also helps prevent readmissions by providing 12-month historical views of patient medication data. This information is sourced from pharmacy benefit managers and pharmacies and helps physicians examine medication adherence and patient compliance. Additionally, it reduces the risks of error in medication administration and manual transcription. Surescripts also helps reduce the number of unreported drugs.


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