Pinchie – The Newest Trend in Fashion


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In Spanish, pinche is a strong swear word that means “goddamn,” “shitty,” or “fucking.”

It’s a Mexican slang term. It’s a word that’s also used in Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries, but is most commonly associated with cursing.

In Spain, it’s usually a kitchen employee who is in charge of cleaning the chef’s mess or washing frying pans. It’s often used to describe a person as insignificant, lousy, miserable or worthless.

Stencil Powder

Stencil art is becoming an increasingly popular method of creating paper craft projects such as handmade cards, scrapbook pages, and journals. It is a great way to create a unique and interesting design with minimal effort.

It is a great choice for beginners and advanced crafters alike because stencils are easy to use and versatile. They allow you to use a variety of techniques such as blending inks, spraying mists, or applying embossing paste and glitter to create beautiful designs.

One of the most important things to consider when using stencils is the type of paper you choose to work with. You want to choose a high-quality and thicker paper to avoid warping or damaging your stencils. Typically, cardstock is the best paper to work with. This is because it is a bit thicker than a standard printer paper but not as thick as cardboard.

Another good option is watercolor paper. This is a bit thicker than cardstock but not as thick as cardboard and it is designed to absorb water without warping.

To ensure your stencil stays in place, you should secure it with a repositionable adhesive such as painter’s tape or spray adhesive. This will prevent the paper from bleeding through and make it easy to remove once your project is finished.

If you are new to stenciling, you should start by practicing on a small area. Once you are confident, you can move on to larger projects. You should also practice using different types of stencils to see what works best for you.

You should also make sure that you are using a clean stencil brush when applying the paint. Excess paint can bleed underneath the edges and will make your stencil look uneven and messy. This is why it’s important to offload your stencil brush by wiping it on a rag or a paper towel before you apply the paint.

Alternatively, you can try making your own stencils by laying a sheet of acetate over a piece of wood or glass and cutting around the areas you want to paint. This is a reusable option that you can keep for years to come.

Unicorn SPiT

Unicorn SPiT is a paint, gel stain and glaze that creates a multifaceted 3-dimensional effect on wood, glass, metal, fabric, pottery, wicker and more! It is nontoxic and comes in a wide variety of colors.

It can be used full strength or diluted up to 70% water in a resealable container. Mixing water with Unicorn SPiT helps the product absorb into porous surfaces.

Applying to bare and sealed surfaces like metal, ceramics, plastic, laminate, paper and fabric & leather after surface preparation is the best way to get the most out of Unicorn SPiT and your creative ideas! Use a brush or a foam pad to create a rich opaque color. Or, mix in some water to your liking to give your Unicorn SPiT paint a more watercolor or pastel look.

Then, apply your design to the surface using a stencil or your hands! You can also make a paste with Dishwasher Safe Mod Podge to Emboss your design onto your project.

Add a little powder thickener to the mix for crisp line stenciling! PiNCHiE powder is a nontoxic powder thickener designed to work with all of our paints and glazes, including Unicorn SPiT. It can be added to any of our products that require a finer, thicker paint to achieve a desired texture or look.

Once dry, you can apply any oil based coating/sealer to protect your painted surface. FAMOWOOD GLAZE COAT works well for a durable, high gloss finish that will help your project stand up to repeated handling over time!

Another great idea is to use the color as a stain or glaze on your projects. Dilute Unicorn SPiT by up to 10% with water to create a custom stain or tint for your project. Test a small area of the stain before adding more water to get the look you want!

You can also use Unicorn SPiT for “transfer stamping” or creating a design on a separate surface and then “stamping” it onto your fabric project. Simply mix a small amount of Unicorn SPiT with 3-7 parts water in a spray bottle and then apply it to your fabric with a brush or a foam pad!

Sparkling Pearls

Pearls are a classic example of a gem that can be worn in jewellery or on a necklace. This stunning necklace combines the lustre of pearls with cascading vintage sparkle to emulate 1940s Hollywood glamour. The Y shape features glittering clear oval Austrian crystals and light ivory faux pearls, for a touch of the silver screen.

Sparkling pearls are also a popular choice among wedding vendors looking to add a touch of glamour to their designs. These shimmery spheres are a stylish and cost effective alternative to expensive faux jewels, making them perfect for a budget bride!

Unlike the real thing, these sparkling gems don’t get too hot to the touch, so you can wear them without worry. They also last a good while. Besides, the dazzling glittery sparkles will add a touch of sparkle to any dress up ensemble you’re after.

The best part is that you can get them in bulk, so you don’t have to worry about running out on your big night! You can even buy a few sets and share them with your friends and family, for a truly memorable evening.

We’ve also found that a little bit of sparkle can go a long way when it comes to making a drink or snack that’s sure to please the crowd. We’ve got a few options for you to choose from, including our patented pearl shaker and bobbly ice cream, both of which are guaranteed to be the talk of the town!


Metallics are the newest trend to hit the fashion scene, and if you’re ready to rock some glam this season, look no further. From shiny metallic mini skirts to sparkly bags and shoes, there’s no shortage of ways to add some glitz and glamour to your style.

Metals are naturally occurring substances or combinations of them, like aluminum, gold, tin and iron. Often, they’re mixed together to form alloys with the desired properties.

These materials are characterized by their strong physical and mechanical properties, such as tensile strength, fatigue strength and ductility, and are used in many different fields. They are also highly durable and are often used in medical implants, such as stents, catheters, guide wires and other devices that must function for an extended period of time.

The main reason why metals are so durable is that they have a special type of chemical bonding called metallic bonding. It involves the attraction between positive metal ions and the valence electrons that are constantly moving around them.

Because of the nature of this bonding, all the atoms in a piece of metal share a pool of valence electrons that can flow freely through the whole material. This type of bonding is different from other kinds of ionic or covalent bonds.

Another difference is that whereas all the atoms in a covalent compound have a specific valence electron, all the atoms in a metallic compound share a common pool of valence electrons (sometimes referred to as the sea of electrons). This makes metals much more durable than covalent compounds.

This shared pool of valence electrons is the reason why metals can conduct electricity so well. It also explains why they can bend without breaking.

These properties are due to the fact that metallic ions have a lattice-like structure that is strong but flexible. This allows them to bend without breaking, while still being able to be shaped into a thin sheet or wire.

The microstructure of a metallic material is very important because substantial and important relationships exist between the structure and the properties. This is particularly true for the properties of the MAX phase materials, which exhibit unique combinations of metallic and ceramic properties.


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