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TrustRadius is the most credible technology decisioning platform, delivering comprehensive, vetted product information and customer-generated content. Founded by successful entrepreneurs and headquartered in the technology hub of Austin, Texas, TrustRadius is backed by Mayfield Fund, LiveOak Venture Partners, and Next Coast Ventures.

To help buyers make confident decisions, TrustRadius launched research boards that empower buying committees to stack rank their technology shortlists in a cohesive and shareable dashboard. This helps organizations streamline their decision-making process and ensure that the right solutions are selected for their business needs.

SAP Data Intelligence Cloud

The SAP Data Intelligence Cloud is an easy-to-use, scalable and secure data management, processing, and orchestration solution that can be deployed on-premise or in the public or private cloud. It is based on the SAP Business Technology Platform and is available in multiple languages.

It connects, discovers, enriches and orchestrates disjointed data assets into actionable insights at an enterprise scale to accelerate better business outcomes and results. It enables organizations to merge audio, image, video, text and IoT streams with structured corporate and third-party data.

Designed as the data orchestration layer of the SAP Business Technology Platform, DIC enables end-to-end data integration and processing capabilities for a wide range of use cases, including machine learning and analytics. It offers a browser-based single entry point for the entire data orchestration process, including modeling, design, deployment, monitoring, task automation, distributed processing, and system management.

With a focus on the user experience, DIC is easy to use for beginners and offers a low-code mentality that makes it accessible to experts alike. It also provides a flexible container architecture that enables the spread of data across diverse distributed landscapes and hyperscalers while avoiding vendor lock-in.

The underlying architecture supports a central self-service data platform and data governance framework that promotes autonomous work across infrastructural boundaries. Its mature data processing, analysis, and machine learning operations tools enable users to quickly and easily integrate and prepare their data for the use case.

To support this, DIC has built-in operators for data stream preparation and transformations as well as complex processing. These can be used directly in a pipeline or customized for specific use cases.

Moreover, DIC supports the management of metadata governance for a variety of data sets. This helps identify a data set’s quality and ownership as well as its relationship to other data sets, resulting in a more useful and comprehensive view of the landscape.

Another important feature of DIC is the ability to profile your data sets and automatically capture their metadata. This helps you to understand your data better and identifies the most relevant information for your business processes, improving decision making in real time.


SAP HANA Cloud is a managed in-memory database as a service (DBaaS) offering that accelerates actions by enabling real-time decision-making through live data. It also connects and integrates data from across the enterprise, empowering businesses to make faster decisions that drive growth.

With SAP HANA Cloud, you can host your ERP in public clouds such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS). These solutions offer bare-metal servers and optimized virtual machines for hosting your SAP HANA environment. They also offer elastic storage tiering to match your application requirements and licenses, making it easier for you to scale your SAP HANA Cloud deployment to meet growing demand.

A leading international technology company turned to SAP HANA Cloud to enable it to better scale its data capabilities, allowing for the agility it needed to implement its expansion strategy. It also needed to manage storage costs, reduce its operational and infrastructure expenses, and improve its performance and reliability of its applications.

In addition, SAP HANA Cloud provides a developer-friendly environment for internal and customer-facing applications. This allows you to build and deploy more sophisticated, scalable, and secure applications that work with the data you need to make real-time business decisions.

This solution offers a number of features that allow you to secure your data, including authentication and authorization, encryption, audit logging, backup and recovery, and more. It also includes a number of tools for monitoring and administering your SAP HANA Cloud environment, such as an administration portal.

The SAP HANA Cloud solution was designed to help organizations quickly and easily migrate their existing enterprise resource planning systems and applications to the cloud. It also helps companies maintain the integrity of their existing processes, while integrating departments and processes such as finance, HR, and supply chain management.

One of the most appealing aspects of SAP HANA Cloud is its low cost, compared to an on-premises system. This makes it more affordable for smaller businesses to adopt the software and its benefits.

Another advantage is its security features, which protect sensitive information in a public cloud environment. This is important for a variety of industries, especially those that process and store confidential data.


Talkdesk offers robust feature suites, scalable add-ons, and high-level integrations that leverage automation and AI to enable omnichannel communication and support. Its unified platform also provides advanced historical and real-time analytics, empowering contact centers to make better decisions based on updated and in-depth customer information.

The software’s Conversation Designer allows admins to program questions and comments, set triggers and resulting actions, and manage more complex requests using split flows. Natural Language Processing (NLP) analysis identifies customer intent, emotions, and sentiment to predict desirable outcomes for each interaction, keeping agents free and accelerating resolution times.

Proactive Notifications: Admins can set up custom outbound SMS and voicemail notifications to alert customers of new orders, bill payments, appointment reminders, shipping updates, sales promotions, and more. The system automatically creates new contacts and integrates them with the business’ existing CRM, giving agents a comprehensive customer record for every query.

Guardian: Admins can monitor agent activity and compliance with company policies with the Guardian feature. Whenever abnormal or noncompliant behavior is detected, notifications are automatically sent to agents to help them address issues and stay compliant.

Workspaces: Admins and agents can access pre-made, customizable Workspace dashboards organized by user role, team, or project. They can search interactions by channel, custom tags, filters, and more. They can customize Workspaces with their preferred language and theme, add third-party applications through Talkdesk AppConnect, and arrange sidebar icons and tools to match their workflow needs.

Virtual Agents: Talkdesk’s Virtual Agents can handle a variety of inquiries, from simple to complicated, and use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to analyze caller intent, emotions, and sentiment, predicting desirable outcomes for each call. Using this intelligence, Virtual Agents can answer questions and resolve issues on the spot, without having to escalate calls to live agents.

Performance Management: Admins can review over 900 KPIs and analytics with the Talkdesk Performance Management feature suite. This tool enables remote and blended teams in highly regulated sectors to optimize their work, improve call quality, and meet service levels.

Talkdesk’s industry-specific Experience Cloud packages include out-of-the-box integrations and pre-designed workflows for optimizing business processes in specific sectors or verticals. These packages are especially popular within healthcare and financial industries.


Broadvoice is a provider of hosted voice, unified communications as a service (UCaaS), omnichannel contact center as a service (CCaaS) and SIP Trunking services for small and mid-market businesses. Its award-winning b-hive suite of cloud communications solutions unifies business phone, video conferencing, texting and collaboration under a single number for businesses nationwide.

The b-hive platform offers a variety of features, including call analytics, custom music for callers, and multichannel marketing campaigns. It also includes call recording, a feature that most SMBs use to improve customer service.

In addition to basic calling features, the b-hive platform also includes advanced call management capabilities, such as call queues and message retrieval. These options allow clients to customize their calls and respond to customer inquiries quickly.

Customers can also use b-hive to make and receive calls from mobile phones, desk phones and computers with their business line identity. This allows them to appear as if they are using their business numbers when they are on the go, which can help prevent customers from putting up barriers when they are trying to call in.

Another unique feature of b-hive is that it includes an easy-to-review inbox, which lets customers view all their messages, calls and voicemails on one screen. This makes it easier to track conversations, and it also helps you identify important calls that need attention.

If you need more advanced calling features, such as on-demand call recordings or voicemail transcriptions, you will have to upgrade your subscription. Additionally, if you need to integrate with business apps, such as Salesforce or Microsoft Teams, you will have to spend extra money on a Pro subscription.

Overall, Broadvoice is a great choice for many businesses because of its affordability and flexible pricing plans. It also offers a wide range of features, including call analytics, call recording and custom caller IDs. However, it lacks some of the advanced features that some businesses need to succeed, such as support for business texting and MMS.


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