The Story of +99 Wooden Stick


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The story of +99 wooden stick is about a player who is fed up with the bullshit that comes from his VRMMO game chrono life. He starts upgrading his basic wood stick and succeeds in leveling it to 99, making it the strongest weapon in Chrono Life.

The wood surface of 12 sticks appears partially blackened; some of them have a charred superficial layer thicker than others (Table S1). During charring, fire facilitates the removal of the outer bark using abrasive stones, flattening the smaller knots and accelerating the manufacture of boxwood.


A slacker prankster in the throes of a lifelong gaming fad, Ji-u isn’t exactly stoked about the idea of being trapped in a virtual world. Fortunately, one of the game’s more famous elves takes him under his wing and provides some sage advice along the way. Eventually, Ji-u’s gaming mettle is tested to the test and he becomes one of Chrono Life’s more discerning members. Having learned a thing or two about the game’s strengths and weaknesses, Ji-u has a successful run at the high stakes games that are part of the grand scheme. Upon winning the big prize, he’s awarded with a shiny gold blingy bling trophy to boot. Among the most memorable moments in Ji-u’s Chrono life is a mysterious gimmick that turns his stodgy avatar into a slick and sleazy player worthy of the mantle.


In this Korean webtoon, Hongsil and Jipery take on the concept of gaming as a metaphor for life lessons. The story involves a new player to Chrono Life, who is unable to upgrade his weapons and is repeatedly bullied and abused by other players. He ends up trying to use the game’s crafting system to upgrade his basic wooden stick, but manages to strength it up to 99 – something that should be impossible by the game’s mechanics.

The symbolic meaning of number 99 is something that has been interpreted in different ways by various cultures, but it can be said that it signifies never ending cycles and that it embodies perfection. These cycles are often necessary for us to reach a state where we can understand more deeply the nature of reality and how things relate to each other.

It also represents the idea of balance and harmony which are essential for achieving a sense of peace and wellbeing on all levels. The symbolism of the stick is also particularly apt as it relates to how things are always connected – something that we can see in the natural world.

Lastly, the story highlights how mindfulness is a vital aspect of being able to deal with challenging situations effectively and efficiently. This is an important lesson for anyone who wants to achieve positive results in their lives. It is not uncommon for people to get swept up in their emotions during these times and react without thinking about their actions or reactions; it is important to be able to take a step back and calmly assess the situation before taking action.

Overall, the story of +99 wooden stick is a great one and I have really enjoyed it so far! It’s a good mix of comedy and martial arts. I would recommend it to any fan of these kinds of comics! It’s a bit wacky at times, but it’s a very good read. I can’t wait to see what happens next!


+99 wooden stick is a VRMMO game. Its protagonist, Ji-u, is a newbie to the game and finds that it has a brutal player culture. He becomes frustrated, and tries to upgrade his items, but these attempts fail. However, a passing newbie generously offers him a wooden stick, and when Ji-u uses it to upgrade the object, it levels up to 99 – something that should be impossible by the game’s mechanics. With the stick in his possession, Ji-u becomes one of Chrono Life’s most powerful players. He can kill thousands of players in an instant, and destroy continents at will!


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